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    Compact pedestrian stackers for cost efficient storage

    Tough yet agile, compact Hyster S1.0E powered pedestrian stackers are designed for intense use in demanding operations where space is often limited.

    Reliable and energy efficient pedestrian stackers help store goods in mid to high level racking delivering a low cost of operation.

    Hyster Powered Pedestrian Stacker Highlights:

    • The tough Hyster pedestrian stacker features a robust chassis and mast construction, delivering long term durability. The welded fork construction makes them highly resistant to torsion
    • The AC technology on the stacker range delivers powerful acceleration and braking torque to achieve smoother and faster loading for increased load moves per hour, reducing operating costs
    • A lower cost of operation for the hand truck is achieved through optimum energy efficiency which is delivered by the high frequency Combi controller that controls traction and lift to enable progressive speed control.
    • Uptime is maximised thanks to a built-in diagnostic system that enables preventive maintenance communications and provides an early warning of maintenance requirements, informing the operator of truck conditions in real-time
    • Power is transmitted via helicoidal gears, which are positioned in an oil bath, to reduce component wear and tear
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    ModelLasteevne (kg)Løftehøjde (mm)Arbejdsgangbredde (bredde / længde)
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    (V / Ah)
    S1.0E100034602342 / 231924V / 150Ah767
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    S1.0E Specification Sheet
    Warehouse Range Brochure
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